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Admission  Procedure

  1. Patrons arriving with an adult will receive a wrist stamp.
  2. Patrons arriving later may not join previous arrivals and receive a stamp.
  3. Only 300 wrist stamps will be given out.
  4. Once stamped, patrons and their accompanying adult need not wait in line HOWEVER when the doors open at 6:30 PM only those patrons with a wrist stamp and accompanied by their adult will be admitted.
  5. There will be no advantage for those jumping the queue as only those with a stamp will be admitted.

Parent Volunteers

The St Jacobs Lions Club began offering K2K Dances every two months for kids in Grades 5 through 8 in November of 2009. Our goal was, and remains, to offer a safe, well supervised environment in which kids of similar ages could socialize in a co-ed environment; an environment which would be worry free for their parents.

Attendance at our first dance was 52. In October of 2010 we went monthly and reached the operating costs break-even point of 140 attendees. Since then our average attendance has been 250 with a total of 18,100 kids attending. The response from the kids and the confidence demonstrated by their parents has been most gratifying.

The goal has never been to operate the dances as a fundraiser. From the start we have taken the net proceeds from our dances and donated them in support of other youth-oriented events and programs.

Events of this nature require operational time before and after each dance as well as a good deal of supervision during the event itself. We strive for an adult presence of 15 for each dance. In a small club of 25 members this is no small undertaking. It is a testament to the dedication and commitment of our members, each of whom give up a Friday evening from 6 :00 PM until 10:30 PM each month.

We need your assistance. Like everyone, our Lions have many other work, personal, family and social involvements. If two or three parents were to volunteer to supervise one dance throughout the year our dedicated group of Lions could take the occasional evening off. There are no special skills needed beyond caring about how are kids grow up. Please give some thought to helping us out; even once a year. For information on how you could assist, contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Mary Jane Berry at; Home: 519-669-2359, Cell: 519-503-6622 or Email: maryjane.berry@outlook.com.