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Q: What are Kids2Kids Youth Dances?

A: Kids2Kids Youth Dances are for kids in grades 5 to 8 who want to come out and have fun with kids their own age. Select the Dates Menu button to view our schedule. DAdmission stamps are given to early arrivals beginning at 6:00 PM. Doors open at 6:30 PM. Dances run from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Q: Why are the St. Jacobs Lions holding Kids2Kids Youth Dances?

A: There are very few options available for kids in this age group who wish to attend a dance. Those that do exist often involve a much greater age range. It is our feeling that a safer, more fun filled, worry free environment can be provided through this Kids2Kids Youth Dance Program.

Q: Will My Son or Daughter Be Supervised?

A: Once a responsible adult brings your son or daughter into our building, they will not be allowed to leave until a responsible adult comes in to pick them up. All open areas of the building as well as every exit door will be supervised by a St. Jacobs Lion or adult volunteer.

Q: What Do You Mean By The Phrase Responsible Adult?

A: As parents you must understand that we have to assume that if your son or daughter arrives or leaves in the company of an adult, this is occurring with your knowledge and agreement. There is no practical way for us to do anything more than that.

Q: Who Are The Supervisors?

A: Principle supervisors will be adult members of the St. Jacobs Lions and the KW Community Spirit Lions. In addition there may be non-member parents or the older responsible children of Club Members. Occasionally we may also have carefully approved senior High School students present. The older children and student volunteers will always be in addition to a full complement of adult supervisors.

Q: Will The Adult Supervisors Have Undergone A Police Security Check?

A: All Club members and regular adult supervisors participating in the program will have undergone a Police Security Check.

Q: Can my Son Or Daughter Invite A Guest? Must They Be From A Local School?

A: Provided the guest is in Grades 5 to 8 and they arrive in the company of an adult they are most welcome.

Q: What's The Cost Of The Dances, How Much Money Do I Need To Send With My Son or Daughter?

A: The cost is $5.00 per kid to come to the dance. Snacks like pop, water, chips, and pizza will be available for sale as well.

Q: My Son/Daughter Has A Peanut Allergy. How Can I Be Sure There Won't Be Any Peanuts There?

A: We will not be serving any snack with nuts. Kids will not be permitted to bring any food or beverage into the building. We will take every precaution possible, however, as is true anywhere, we can not absolutely guarantee no exposure.

Q: What About The Music? What Kind Of Music Will Be Played?

A: Our DJ has a strict policy on the music he plays. All the music is what we call broadcast safe. Broadcast safe means that there will be no swearing or sexual content.

Q: How loud is the music?

A: Peak volumes are limited to 90 - 95 dB, a level deemed acceptable for events of this type.

Q: If I Arrive Late Wll There Be A Reduced Entry Charge?

A: No.

Q: Why are cell phones and cameras not permitted?

A: To avoid problems with privacy issues as well as potential loss during the evening.

Q: Is the taking of pictures, particulalry for publication permitted?

A: Unless permission is expressly given in writing by the parent BEFORE the picture is taken, picture taking will not be permitted.